November 6


Van Drew Believed to be the First Republican to Defeat a Kennedy for Congress

Republican United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew released the following statement on the decision by the Associated Press to officially declare him the winner of the November 3, 2020, General Election in New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District.

“I would like to thank President Trump as well as all of the Republican, Democrat, and Independent voters who stood with me and continued to place their trust in me to fight for them and all of South Jersey in Washington,” said Republican United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew. “The United States of America is an exceptional nation and I will continue to work with anyone willing to put party aside to fight for a Strong America and a Strong South Jersey.”

“We believe Congressman Van Drew has made history both as the first member of Congress to go from the majority party to the minority party, let alone during a Presidential Impeachment, and now as the first Republican ever to defeat a member of the Kennedy family at the Federal level since John F. Kennedy was first elected following World War II,” said Van Drew’s Campaign Manager Ron Filan. “South Jersey re-electing Congressman Van Drew with even more votes than he was elected with two years ago totally and completely vindicates his decision to become a Republican and paves the way for other Conservative and Moderate voters to leave an increasingly Radical and Socialist Democrat Party.”

As of Election Day New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District had at least 18,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans which is a greater registration deficit than any of New Jersey’s other competitive congressional districts. Kennedy, Pelosi, and their respective SuperPAC allies also spent well over $10M against Van Drew which means that while he may have been outspent by more than he raised he was still victorious.