September 6, 2018

Van Drew Rips U.S. Department of Transportation for Failing South Jersey as $1.5 Billion in Funding Skips Garden State

New Jersey Ranks Last in the Nation in Receiving Return on Tax Dollars from Washington, Only Getting 76 Cents for Every Tax Dollar Collected

(Northfield) – Dr. Jeff Van Drew took aim today at the United States Department of Transportation for its plan to spend $1.5 billion in grant money on infrastructure projects across the country, while ignoring New Jersey even though there are critically important projects needing assistance in South Jersey. This is yet another example of the federal government failing and abusing New Jersey taxpayers who receive the lowest return in the entire country on their tax dollars from Washington, standing at 76 cents for every dollar in federal taxes paid.

Van Drew underscored that federal investment in rail and road projects could have addressed some critically needed improvement projects in South Jersey. Van Drew cited the examples of a full interchange at Exit 20 of Garden State Parkway, an off ramp and completion of Route 55 that has been on the table for decades, and modernized rail line upgrades to help connect Atlantic City as we currently face months without rail access and without a long-term fix. Van Drew additionally noted that the recent 4.3 cent automatic gas tax increase levied on motorists is painful as South Jersey roads desperately need improvement, which he voted against in the New Jersey State Senate.

Dr. Jeff Van Drew issued the following statement:

“It is outrageous that federal bureaucrats are shortchanging South Jersey again. We already get the worst return on our federal tax dollars from Washington and now we see $1.5 billion in federal transportation projects being funded across the country ignoring the needs in South Jersey. This adds greater insult while motorists are being stuck with a 4.3 cent automatic gas tax increase while our roads are neglected. As Congressman, I will fight for South Jersey’s fair share because we need road improvements and rail modernization to serve our region, and bolster economic opportunity for our residents.”

Jeff Van Drew is a practicing dentist from Dennis Township, and is the State Senator for New Jersey’s 1st Legislative District. Van Drew is running for congress in New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District, which includes all or parts of New Jersey’s eight southern-most counties.