June 5, 2018

Van Drew Secures Democratic Nomination for Congress Earning 55% of the Vote in a 4-Way Primary Field

(Sea Isle) – Jeff Van Drew addressed hundreds of enthusiastic supporters in Sea Isle this evening after his decisive victory in the 2nd Congressional District Democratic Primary. Van Drew, now the Democratic nominee, handily won the primary with more than 55% of the vote in a four candidate field.

Van Drew, known as a battle tested campaigner, attributed his victory to a strong grassroots effort and his proven track record of fighting for South Jersey. “I’m deeply humbled and honored to have the strong support of South Jersey residents in the Democratic Primary, and I will work hard to earn support across party lines in the general election,” Van Drew said.

In his victory remarks, Van Drew addressed both a substantive agenda as South Jersey’s next Congressman and changing the divisive tone in Washington. “We must bridge the divisions in Washington and unite people to make positive change because the future of our democracy depends on finding ways around our differences,” said Van Drew. “The challenges we face as a country and right here in South Jersey are too important for politics to block progress.”

Van Drew highlighted the vibrant industries that fuel the economy in South Jersey, including commercial fishing, gaming, and farming, as well as the economic opportunity that sports betting will present for South Jersey.

While affirming his support for the commercial and recreational fishing communities, Van Drew also reiterated his fierce opposition to offshore drilling along the Jersey Shore. Van Drew was a primary sponsor of the STOP act, which prevents offshore drilling in New Jersey.

Van Drew underscored his legislative successes that have helped both working families and small business owners in South Jersey. “As a state lawmaker, I have always fought for tax cuts that benefit our families and small businesses that create local jobs,” said Van Drew. “It is time for a real middle-class tax cut that benefits hard working South Jersey families.”

He also took the opportunity to address his strong support for equal pay legislation, and his commitment to make college more affordable for middle-class families in South Jersey.

Van Drew also emphasized his commitment to improving America’s healthcare system. He highlighted his decades working as a Dentist in Pleasantville as the experience that makes him the ideal person to go to Washington and champion policies that make healthcare more accessible and affordable.

Van Drew also underscored his gratitude and commitment to veterans and their families. Van Drew completed his dental residency in the VA hospital system, and has made veteran’s issues a legislative priority during his time in the State Senate. He made it clear that he will champion doing right by veterans in Congress. “It is shameful that returning veterans often lack job opportunities, access to education and critical healthcare services, and even face a homeless epidemic. As Congressman, I will fight to reverse this failure and work towards a point in our history where this is no longer the sad reality for the brave men and women of our military,” said Van Drew.

Closing his remarks, Van Drew stressed the importance of protecting Medicare and Social Security, and told the crowd that he would ensure Congress keeps its promise to South Jersey’s seniors. “This is a handshake agreement between the federal government and senior citizens that must be honored, and I will not stand for any attempts to undermine this commitment. And, paying these benefits today is not enough, we must ensure the long-term solvency for future generations,” Van Drew said.

Van Drew will go on to face the winner of the Republican Primary, which is too close to call, in the November general election, where Van Drew is considered the favorite by every major political handicapper in the country because he has delivered big victories in the most conservative areas of the district. This strength is a testament to Jeff Van Drew’s broad appeal across the political spectrum and his common-sense approach to public policy.

Jeff Van Drew is a practicing dentist from Dennis Township, and is the State Senator for New Jersey’s 1st Legislative District. Van Drew is running for congress in New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District, which includes all or parts of New Jersey’s eight southern most counties.